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Android' Widget: Bitrix24' tasks on Android' Desktop

Android' Widget: Bitrix24' tasks on Android' Desktop.

Install the free application for Bitrix24 on your Bitrix24.

Open the programs' list and look the "MyTasks24". Run the application.

Enter the address of your Bitrix24 and click "Connect".

The installation program will redirect you to the device browser. If you have more than one browser, you will be asked to choose one of them.

The installation process can occur several times the word "security warning." No warning there. You can view the certificate and ensure that it is valid. Press the "Continue" each time.

Our SSL-certificate.

After a successful connection, you'll see a sign. You can close the browser or tab and go to the installation widget.

If you go back into the program and refresh the window (you can simply rotate the device, or to force stop an application), you will see a message that your device is connected.

Select a widget from the list and install it on your desktop. Depending on the version of the device and the shell widget's choices may differ.

Data is loading...

If you turn off your device, then the next time you see a similar screen. This is due to the fact that the widget is already loaded, but was unable to retrieve data from your Bitrix24, because Internet service is not yet available. Wait for the connection and tap on the header of the widget. Otherwise he renewed after 30 minutes.

If you see such a display, it may mean that you have placed the widget on your desktop before connection to your Bitrix24. Once connected, the information is updated.

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